Playing cupid to cows isn’t what you’d call a traditional agricultural job, but agri-tech company SellMyLivestock aren’t ones for doing things the conventional way.

The UK-based start-up made headlines around the world last Valentine’s Day after they launched ‘Tudder’, a Tinder-inspired dating app designed to help farmers match potential partners…

For the majority of UK consumers, when it comes to food, the coronavirus pandemic will be defined by empty supermarket shelves, long queues, and a rediscovered love for home baking.

But while supply chains may have responded quickly to increased demand and changing shopping habits, the long-term impacts of COVID-19…

Growing vegetables in thin air might sound like something from a sci-fi film, but for British agri-tech start-up LettUs Grow, this is farming fact, not fiction.

Concerned by growing demands on natural resources and staggering levels of food waste around the world, Bristol University graduates Jack Farmer, Ben Crowther and…

From dairy farmers tipping away millions of litres of milk to crops going unpicked thanks to staff shortages, there have been few — if any — UK farm businesses who haven’t been affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

For an industry that has already been dealing with uncertainty caused by Brexit…

An online subscription service which delivers milk to Bollywood stars has helped an entrepreneurial farming family build one of the biggest dairies in India.

Parag Milk Foods processes and hand-delivers chilled milk from its dairy farm in Manchar to almost 50,000 consumers across some of India’s biggest cities.

Sold under…

Cows have become the bad boys of climate change — but their place in the global warming debate is unfair, says air quality expert Frank Mitloehner.

From burping cows to grazing sheep, when it comes to global warming the finger of blame is invariably pointed at the livestock industry these days.

Animal agriculture is causing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to rise, say critics, and if we’re serious about tackling climate change then we need to cut…

When it comes to high-yielding soya production, the Netherlands probably isn’t the first country that springs to mind.

But a group of innovative Dutch growers are proving that farmers in northwestern Europe have the soils, climate and skills to produce soya crops to even rival those grown in South America.

People living in Scotland’s Western Isles once went without milk for their coffee for two whole weeks. One entrepreneurial — some might even say heroic — dairy farmer is making sure that never happens again.

A happy herd of Guernsey cows like this one is now calling Scotland’s Outer Hebrides home

A crofting family has become some of the most northerly dairy farmers in the UK by bringing milk production back to Scotland’s Western Isles.

Gordon Mackay, his wife Colleen and son Scott have restored local milk deliveries to islanders who haven’t been able to get fresh milk for their cornflakes…

Mini robots like these could replace tractors — and people — on farms of the future

From yields to farm equipment, for decades farmers have toiled away under the impression that bigger is always better when it comes to food production.

But for one engineering expert, encouraging farmers to turn their back on big kit could be the answer to more profitable, sustainable and productive agriculture.

At first glance, the Netherlands doesn’t seem like the type of country which should top the league tables in agricultural production.

With an area of just 41,500km2 — including 7,800km2 of open water — and a population of only 17m, it appears to lack the people or resources necessary for…

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UK journalist currently in the US • Writes about food, agriculture and the environment • Ag policy nerd •

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